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RISE Education’s “Can Talk” Online Service Brings North American Tutors to Students in China

BEIJING, June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RISE Education Cayman Ltd ("RISE" or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:REDU), a leading junior English Language Training (“ELT”) provider in China, announced the launch of its expanded and upgraded “Can Talk” online service to bring the benefits of one-on-one private tutoring by teachers in North America to students in China.

The Can Talk service provides an authentic English-language learning environment in which students can expand and apply their skills in real-life scenarios. Initially launched on a trial basis in June 2017, the upgraded Can Talk curriculum expands the student age range to 4-12 years old, from 6-9 years old previously.  The upgrade provides clearer grading of content, a richer interactive classroom format, and a closer integration with RISE classroom education to provide an online/offline hybrid teaching system, for all-round English education.

“Simple online teaching cannot satisfy children's learning and growth needs,” said RISE Senior Vice President Sally Xue Yuan. “The ideal model should be a combination of online and offline education. Can Talk opens a new learning path that provides children with more personalized learning scenarios to help them use English, and to build self-confidence about their speaking and English application skills.”

To supply a more interesting curriculum, with more diverse content, the Can Talk upgrade features five types of interactions, including: dialogues; multimedia; real-life social scenes; action; and pictures. There are more than 20 different topics such as social networking, etiquette, campus, shopping, customs, tourism, architecture, history, and geography. The upgrade provides children with more personalized learning scenarios to help them use English.

The system helps to address challenges frequently encountered in children's English learning. For example, while some students may receive good scores on English exams, when they encounter real communication situations, they still may have extreme difficulty expressing themselves. Can Talk encourages students to interact with foreign teachers, to improve their communication abilities. The upgraded Can Talk course is divided into four phases, each with a clear learning requirement and difficulty level.

All content is taught by a team of highly qualified teachers in North America that has been through a rigorous screening process and professional program to select and train teachers. More than 80 percent of the teachers have a graduate or post-graduate education. All teachers are required to have a TESL certificate and at least three years of K-12 teaching experience.

Can Talk provides students in China a dedicated foreign teacher to serve as a highly qualified private tutor.

About RISE Education
RISE Education Cayman Ltd is a leading junior English Language Training (“ELT”) provider based in Beijing. Founded in 2007, the Company pioneered the application of the “subject-based learning” philosophy in China, which uses language arts, math, natural science, and social science to teach English in an immersive environment that helps students learn to speak and think like a native speaker. Through three flagship courses, Rise Start, Rise On, and Rise Up, the Company provides ELT to students aged three to six, seven to twelve and 13 to 18, respectively. The Company’s highly scalable business model includes both self-owned and franchised learning centers. For more information, please visit http://en.risecenter.com/.

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